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American Screamin' Eagle Recycled Naval Pipe  Sculpture

Price: $17,500

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Awarded Top Choice 1st place in 3D art category, SOBO Gallery in Winter Garden.  This piece took months of tedious labor cutting feathers from salvaged electrical conduit and other portions from 60 year old salvaged Navy shipyard pipe.  

  Each feather was hand cut, hammered into shape, sanded, textured, and contoured to fit next to adjacent feathers before being welded into place.  The wingspan is nearly a full 6 feet across the back of this beautiful predator!

This piece is integrated with a backlit Harley Davidson Logo and countertop stand to allow for easier display in a shop, dealership, or home.


Every feather was created and welded into place by hand one at a time to fit next to one another.

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