American Bald Eagle Recycled Naval Pipe Sculpture


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Price $11,500

The story of the incredible American Bald Eagle is regarded as one of the most successful wildlife preservation examples in history.  At one point in their existence, only 2 pair were known to be alive in Georgia.

    Keen and caring action in this time of peril brought them out of the critically endangered status and back into such numbers that a person in any location in the state of Florida or Georgia is rarely more than 50 miles away from an American Bald Eagle at any time. As a child from central Florida, I've seen this story happening firsthand and was inspired to create this 6-foot wingspan life size eagle tribute.

   This incredibly detailed AWARD-WINNING Eagle sculpture is focused on it's target, perched atop a rotted pine tree, ready to dive into action. The pose captures the intensity and beauty of this wonderful bird of prey.  

   The adjacent photo was taken at SOBO Gallery in Winter Garden Florida where the sculpture won Annual Top Choice Award in 3D art. 

  An ironic artistic uniqueness to this piece is that  I used found iron pipes discovered in the edge of the forest, fading away and forgotten, like the Eagle was at one time.  I used these old pipes, Naval ship salvage yard pieces, to  create the over 1,000 feathers and individual pieces of this incredible work. 

It took months of tediously cutting each feather from the rusty pipe, cleaning them up, hand cutting, trimming, forming on an anvil, and finally fitting and welding each feather one at a time next to the previous piece.  The old pipes came from obscurity, rusting into the environment, to soaring as an Eagle.  So, the title came to me, "The Majestic Return". 


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Each feather was crafted one at a time.  Then the final step before welding, each piece was forged over an anvil to create the curves, and hand sanded to fit next to the feathers around it. 


Many metal artists use an automated CNC machine to cut many feathers with exactly the same repetitive profile, cookie-cutter technique, as this will make many feathers fast.  However, I wanted to show the detail of the variety of sizes and types of feathers an eagle is clothed so royally with. So i shaped the feathers according to where they were being placed.


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