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Here you will see how fine art, automata, engineering, conservation, innovation, and creativity are combined to become an art like you have never seen before!  Metal sculptor Jean Claude Vanderfield uses the most unlikely metal items with histories that can have roots that reach out for thousands of miles and lives that often span well over 100 years into our past, and he combines them to form sculptures, but not just sculptures, they become life size automatons that move themselves and take on a life of their own right in front of your eyes. Jean Claude's art brings scores of people, purposes, and stories together in a single point in time and space.  Each creation is a  new artistic and mechanical singularity from collective diversity.


 Valor- War Horse
  The depiction of fierce intensity, determination, fearlessness, courage, and beauty, this life size work is created 100% from salvaged steel, brass, and copper.


Ferrum Pisces

Latin "Iron Fish"

Self-powered Automaton

This real hand-hammered copper-skin Tiger Rockfish automaton sculpture features moving eyes, mouth, fins, and tail.


Copyright 2021

Chronoequinology 2.0

  Industrial Mechanical Horse Sculpture of  Salvaged Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Brass.


Copyright 2021

Heart of Water

This beauty and her companion juvenile sea turtle can be seen greeting patrons in RiverGrille on the Tomoka in Ormond Beach

Antlanticus Impolitus Automaton

This 3 foot long moving menace from the deep, featuring stereo sound and electrical arcs was commissioned by a private collector in Maine.  Features many moving parts and ominous lighting.


Copyright 2021



American Bald Eagle

In honor of one of the greatest wildlife preservation stories in history, this 6 foot wingspan is an impressive tribute to the comeback of this majestic creature.


Copyright 2021

"The sculptures I create are carefully crafted over a period of many days, often becoming months, time spent tediously forming and hand-fitting each piece one at a time to contribute to the whole of the form and create the mechanics that drive movement of my sculptures.  Although I create static sculptures, my love is creating self-powered automata and artistic mechanisms from found objects." -Jean Claude Vanderfield 

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