Have a look at this video of some of the build of Chronoequinolgy.  Notice the early rough objects that now highlight the horses form with beautiful polished finishes of brass and stainless steel.  From recycled school house brass kickplates, antique brass chandelier components to Coca-Cola factory stainless steel posts, the history of all the pieces used in a single sculpture is unique to only this work of art, making Chronoequinology unique and a central point for a collection of many lives to converge to continue a new life.


Chronoequinology at the World Equestrian Center for the Festivals of Speed Event and Kentucky Derby Party


Wrapped within this build is a story of ultimate comebacks, and if you venture to peer close enough, you may just find it.  The very creation of this sculpture from objects that had a long faithful life as something ordinary and unremarkable, is in itself a testament to the ability to be more than what others have deemed one to become in a lifetime.  It is an example of becoming more than the sum of our parts, a three dimensional demonstration of the habit of giving what others may see as ordinary, the opportunity to be extraordinary.


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