Automatons and Fine Metal Sculpture from Recycled Objects



This powerful majestic equine creation depicts the fierce determination, courage and power of the fearless horse, prepared in it's barding, and ready to charge into the midst of battle.  

    I wanted to capture the essence of the character involved in overcoming our own battles, fought internally and externally.

  I saw no better example than a horse's courage, ready to charge ahead into the unknown, using all it's power to challenge even the most daunting obstacles.

      Valor is created from tools and objects that have had a life of experiences already, some for nearly a century, but they were not yet done with this life.

  The process of taking each piece and giving it a new life as a meaningful sculpture of beauty that conveys feeling and stirs emotion in others is what makes this art so special and unique. 

   No piece is ever the same, as each is created from whatever found objects I have collected at that specific time. Every  piece goes together within the sculpture in a different way each new creation to create the work. Every piece I use has had it's own different life and individual path getting to my hands and into the sculpture. 

So many lives touched, so many stories nestled into each sculpture, a collage of life from many places, and many decades. You can feel the diversity and history in each part of the sculpture, a car jack that held up a 1920's model T car along an old dirt road a hundred years ago, before paved roads, or the hand crank drill that a carpenter used during the 1930's to build a piece of furniture or even a home, antique pipe wrenches used by someone's great grandfather, the first wrenches made like it at that time.

    Picture a map of the travels of each object from it's maker to the store or salesman, to someone's home or workplace, and passed on from generation to generation down through time and to other states or nations possibly.  It's moving to imagine just how far all the different roots may extend out from here and now.

 Valor truly feels massive and powerful as you stand next to it's 32' long, 30" tall and 150-pound steely form!  Even the "leather" bridle and  reigns are constructed from solid steel. 



Exclusively available through NOMA GALLERY in Ocala, FL


Chronoequinology 2.0


Chronoequinology 2.0 is the culmination of over 91 days of intense labor and 730 individual pieces of recycled metal objects made of brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and carbon steel.   This beautiful work involved taking raw metal objects and forming them, then polishing them to a mirror-like finish before welding them into the sculpture.  Polishing these pieces takes about the same amount of time as the actual creation of an unpolished sculpture itself.

  The head  is built on a vintage motorcycle gas tank, and the individual outer parts and face are cut from thick stainless steel sections of a square guard post from the Coca Cola factory.  The accenting sections are cut from old solid brass schoolhouse door kickplates, salvaged here in Lake County. 

  For those who look closely, you'll find many unique items used to create the clockworks of this piece: antique chandelier pieces, motorcycle parts, old Italian scooter gears, wind up clock pieces, and much more, including a barely detectable 1941 nickel in the support tube.  A tribute to the racing legend "Seabiscuit" who had 3 sculptures erected that year in honor of his amazing accomplishments, despite being looked upon as an unlikely champion.

However, with only a few people believing in him, spanning six seasons (1935–40), he won 33 of 89 races and inspired a nation of people during times of hardship.  Chronoequinology , literally "Time + Horse", was intended to show the timeless beauty of belief in others, self-sacrifice, and taking the time to help another become what they were meant to be. As with Seabiscuit, sometimes just a few good people can make all the difference in someone's potential, and bring about positive change in their life.  The pieces in this sculpture were once thought to be no longer useful, of no consequence, but with belief, time, and sacrifice, they have become something more, beautiful, valuable, and unique.


Exclusively available through NOMA GALLERY in Ocala, FL