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My most recent creation, a commisioned work, is a solid brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron object equine bust, which features objects that date back as far as the mid 1800's.  It was an honor to bring these parts together for one unique piece, all the various histories and places seen by these objects, bonded together in one place and point in time.  Check out the video below to see more of it's final details.

  Thank you to my wonderful client for the opportunity!




"Absolem"  from Alice in  Steamland by Guillaume Dubois's illustration


Movements include all 8 rear legs, smoking mouth, moving head, eyes, mouth, and front two arm/legs.  Over 300 moving parts inside, created from scrap metal objects, move all the parts of this automaton.  Powered by a rotisserie motor and gear reduction unit from an ATV. This piece employees a wide variety of levers, cams, cables, and gears, all reclaimed objects.  Smoke comes from the hookah reservoir and flows through a tube and air pump up the neck, out of the mouth. 


WHISKEY PIG   A whiskey-drinking tuxedo-wearing

and whistling pig. 

Movements include ears that stand up, a tophat that lifts off his head, eyebrows that raise up, a mouth that opens, head that tilts back, legs that kick out, a twisting wrist, two arms that raise, a bowtie that pops out, and the happy fellow evenlets out an appreciative whistle after a good taste of his drink.  Powered by a conveyor motor and gear reduction through a 1930's hand-crank bench grinder, this complex automaton wonder uses a 6-cam system smade with scrap objects such as car engine parts and wrenches.  Bicycle parts and moped parts are used all over the build, and the skin is created from 70-year old car fender and hood cuttings.  This piece took over 6 months to build, not including design and engineering.


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