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It takes a lot of different processes and materials coming together to make these creations come to life.  The right welding equipment, tools, and consumable products make my daily work process much easier, help me focus on the art, and keep me working efficiently as a successful artist.   So, for those who are interested in creating and want to know more about products I trust and prefer, this page is for you!


  Working with as many different metals, and as many different shapes as I do, it takes just the right products to help shape, clean, sand, and cut metal into the pieces I need to create my art.  I've been a product ambassador for Benchmark Abrasives for some years now, and ther is good reason for that.  Benchmark provides excellent products at great prices and is well known for the longivity of things I use often, such as their high density flapper wheels.  I also use their lightning fast 4X  5"cutoff wheels daily to rip through sheetmetal, rebar,or pretty much anything I need cut.  The durability and effectiveness of their products coupled with their personal touch on great customer service practices, make my daily "grind" (see what I did there?) an enjoyable and profitable experience.  Click on the banner above to go to their website.  You can get an additional 10% OFF your first order if you use my discount code JCV10X1 .


No metal artist is complete without a quality source of metal products.   I use a lot of reclaimed objects in my art, but when I need quality steel stock of ANY METAL ANY SIZE, cut and ready fast, I head to Metal Supermarkets.   Their location near me at 3071 North Orange Blossom Trail Suite K , Orlando, FL 32804 has everything I need and they serve it with a smile and care for their customers!  Can't beat that!

call them at  321-247-6002 or 312-439-1228. Open Mon-Fri 8-5

When it comes to welded art, the equipment you use makes all the difference in the world if you plan on being productive and profitable.  I have found this out through trial and error with a number of other brands of welding equipment.

    I am proud to say that Forney Industries creates welding equipment and PPE's that not only make the work much more efficient, but also more enjoyable and help me be successful and safe at what I do.  The reliability of their machines keeps me producing art, which keeps me making a profit and therefore keep me making more art.  That's critical in this business.  On top of the reliability, Forney makes support of their products a top priority, so they have your back if you have questions or needs. I can tell you from my own experiences that having equipment from a company that is happy to step up and help you make the most of what they manufacture is a major bonus!

     I use the 220MP multiprocess machine and their PRO helmet as well as the 250 PRO spoolgun, and those take care of TIG, MIG, or Stick welding processes of regular steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, copper, titanium, and aluminum.  That gives me a near limitless range of materials and objects to utilize in sculptures and automatons.  Their technology make setup and adjustments while welding effortless and quick.  If you are thinking about getting into metal art, or even if you are an  pro welder, I highly recommend taking a look at what Forney is offering in 2023 for almost any application.  Click on the banner above for more info, you'll be glad you did!

OIP (1).jpeg

Creating a horse bust from an old motorcycle gas tank and a variety of antiques and salvaged metal objects , all put together with the Forney multiprocess 220MP and Variable Speed Forney Grinder.  Polishing with Benchmark Abrasives Felt polishing wheel and Green compound bar.

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