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Twilight Oversight

Twilight Oversight is an automaton that depicts the scene of an owl, ready for the hunt, overlooking the timid mouse hiding below.  The owl features compund moving wings, tailfeathers, and head.  His fellow automaton below takes a peek out of his log hideaway below, squeaks, then quickly retreats.  This is one of the very few pieces of automata that builder Jean Claude allows the public to view part of the mechanisms that drive the inner workings.  Every single piece of the mechanics and owl sculture are cleverly crafted from 100% recycled objects.  Every feather is cut from found warehouse metal shelves by hand.  The face of the owl is two large washers from a farm tractor.  The mouse and tree trunks are crafted from salvages water pipes, nails, and a flatscreen TV stainless steel backplate.  The base is half of an old propane grill gas tank.  Jean Claude uses his artistic skill to transform the surface to earth and tree roots with a welder and scraps. 

   The driving motor behind all the movement is an old windshield wiper motor.  Nothing is ever wasted in Jean Claude's studio!  This owl has a full 38" wingspan, true to the average Hoot Owl wingspan in the Florida area.

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