Fathom, the dark steely-eyed devourer of the seas, was created from reclaimed 1950's truck fenders and hood pieces for his ancient thick skin, with metal gears, car parts, and other reclaimed steel objects and old hardware inside this mechanical apex predator.  

   I gave this piece a lot of rust patina qualities and aged him to show his endurance through many trials of the ocean vast. He's spent many years taking down prey in the depths, while the seawater gnawed away at his thick skin, leaving scars and holes that reveal the machine inside that drive him relentlessly forward.

original (27).jpeg

Fathom is joined by his ever faithful pilot fish, made from stainless steel commercial ice machine covers, as well as an octopus made from a vintage motorcycle tail light and wine rack, a lobster made from knives, forks, and spoons, a starfish made from reclaimed springs, and a landscape of coral. In the base, a nearly 100 year old sawmill blade, probably in use during the Great Depression, was used to create seafloor. 

  Fathom is the at the apex of his world, bearing the scars and lessons of getting to where he is while passing over the obstacles and past below him that took many others down.  He's a survivor, overcomer, and a raw example of willpower and tenacity. 

   I am honored to know he has swam to a permanent home where there is found those same qualities of never quitting in face of obstacles.