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Garden Girl Sculpture 


This delicate life size beauty holds the world in her hands.  The lighted stained glass globe lights the lanai garden of her new happy owner's home.  She started as mere scraps of metal cuttings, that quickly became a feminine body form without a purpose, at least until I was commissioned to build this steel sweetheart for an appreciative client. 

     She took a few months total to build with delays through my covid illness, but with patience and persistence with a vision in mind, she came to be.

   She is displayed on a stand created from a tall propane cylinder that I welded to a custom tabletop, and plasma cut garden plant designs through.

  This is one of my sculptures with the most cut and shaped individual pieces, other than my bird sculptures that feature many feathers.  Just one arm I believe had around 55 pieces. She was a delight to see each morning in my studio as she came together.  I am grateful for the opportunity to create this delicate creature.

Click Picture for video

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