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Heart of Water began with the intention to help raise awareness of the need to protect and keep clean our beautiful ocean and land. 

    Being a Florida native, I grew up on the river banks, ocean shores, and wetlands that give life to the wildlife dependent upon them, as well as all living creatures.  

    So many pollutants and debris finds it's way into our precious environment and creates life or death critical situations for powerless creatures, like the sea turtle held delicately in the sculpture's hand.   

   The wonder and awe that was found in my early childhood memories,  the fascination, and innocence, no pretenses, no agendas, no judgement, people were people, and every creature was important, special in it's own unique way, all these feelings I wanted to evoke in others visually.  I wanted to depict a young inquisitive, caring, beautiful, and protective mind coming out of the debris and scrambled background. 

     To do this with the very things that would normally be found literally beside our roads and thrown in our oceans, was a way I felt would show not only the irony, but demonstrate that there are ways we all can be creative in recycling our precious resources, give new life to what was thought to be of no or low value.  And, in a bigger way, I hope that this piece gives pause and thought to others, to see that same value in our fellow beings, value we may often

overlook or take for granted.

Heart of Water is made from scrap umbrella frames, old boxes of washers, salvaged electrical conduit, even scrap pieces of antique car fenders and hood.  She was exhibited in SOBO Gallery of Winter Garden at the Waterworks Exhibition 2019.

She has found her home in RiverGrille on the Tomoka in Ormond Beach.  By chance, if you happen to be in the area, go see this beautiful maiden and her trusting companion.

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