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Heart Of Water


Copyright 2021


Copyright 2021


 History of the Build

   Heart of Water was a result of me thinking of ways to help reduce waste a step further in my art, even though every piece is created solely from reclaimed objects and other antiques.   I wondered if I could use the pieces I would normally have left over to create a sculpture that also inspires others to have similar ideas in utilizing resources already on hand as much as possible. 

   Always having a love of the sea, being a native of Florida, and always fascinated with the grand variety of sea life, I was inspired to create something that would show simple courageous action using two subjects that would be immediately recognized as innocent, without their own agendas, resilient,  yet vulnerable to this world's perils without the help of other kind souls.  So I chose a young sweet girl's form and the vulnerable sea turtle she holds in her hand.

   I had been building "Fathom", the shark sculpture previous to this build when I came up with the idea.  So, I started saving the pieces left over from the cuttings and old hardware left after the shark was complete.  

 On top of a rusty metal one gallon paint can , I  started welding on strips of the saved metal pieces as I formed them each into the shape of the young girl's face.  I had a large tray full of metal strips cut out of the old truck fenders that I used to create "Fathom".  So, I was able to cut and form those strips into the curly strands of red hair, wild as the ocean winds.   After using salvaged metal washers and many pieces of what I would normally deem as too small to any longer be utilized in the work, I instead, worked to create the entire body, arm, hand and fingers, then brought the upper and lower body pieces together. 

   I welded the complete form to an 80 year-old piece of decorative cast iron railing that was broken off from the original railing many years ago and left in a crate with many old rusty tools hiding it's elegance.  Next, I used some classic motorcycle's chain pieces and a small section of salvaged electrical conduit to create the turtle head, shell, and appendages.  After adding more detail with the MIG welder, I worked the rough edges over with sanding wheels and used white vinegar solution with copper sulfate crystals and applied heat to make the patina.  She was finished with a linseed oil finish to preserve her beautiful form.

   Heart of Water was honored to be featured in Winter Garden's SOBO Gallery  Water Works Exhibition in 2020, and now happily resides in RiverGrille On The Tomoka, in Ormond Beach, Florida.  If you ever are in the area, you will love the food and can meet Heart of Water in their beautiful establishment, she might even join you for a meal if you sit in the right spot.

   Heart of water took almost 150 hours of work and still is a big favorite of many of my art community friends.  If you have any ideas you'd personally like to see created like Heart of Water, feel free to contact me through my contact form on my BIO page, email,  or call me at the email and number listed there as well.  Commissioned work accepted  and we may be able to feature your piece on multiple social media sources as well as this website for all to see!


Copyright 2021


Copyright 2021

Heart of Water in production stages


Copyright 2021


Copyright 2021

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