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"Ivy"  Horse Sculpture


Ivy, A horse Sculpture, began as a study of how to integrate pieces of outdoor landscape materials such as solid brass landscape lighting covers, and old iron outdoor decorative furniture pieces, with barn and farm materials from around the 1930's era.  

   Jean Claude used a classic motorcycle gas tank to get the shape of the head and cheeks.  The gas filler opening is still visible behind the star on the forehead.  You will even find an old iron trivet from 1949 used in two pieces on the face.  Using elements of vines and nature combined with the form of a majestic horse, Jean Claude demonstrates how everything is linked in life, just as all the pieces used to create this sculpture are now linked together in a single point in time and space. This pieces uses elements of cast iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, forged steel and carbon steel sheet.

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