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"Philo" Barn Owl Automaton

Click to photo to see video of Philo Owl Automaton

"Philo" the barn owl automaton is created  completely from salvaged and reclaimed metals in the line of early automata makers that often used whatever parts and pieces they had available.  The mechanisms inside are completely created from reclaimed metal cuttings, a salvaged angle grinder gearbox, reclaimed bolts and nuts, and driven by a salvaged car windshield wiper motor.  Each piece was put together in a way to form a machine that operates all the movement, an engineering feat in itself since the pieces were all meant for something totally different when they were made. That's part of what makes these automatons so unique and not replicable.

Every piece is a one-off work.

  The owl feathers are stainless steel cuttings from reclaimed paper towel dispensers, hand cut and formed over an anvil and vise.  The eyes are from a car front axle bearing, and the tree is made from salvaged motorcycle rear brake pedals.  The leaves were cut from a scrap length of copper water pipe, cut, flattened and curved on the anvil, and welded into place.  One leaf is even stamped with the artist's name.


$5500 *



February 17th thru 19th at 

Renninger's Extravaganza in Mt. Dora

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