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Watch the movements in the video below!


This commissioned piece is an automaton Sailfish which is 53 inches long and moves it's head, eyes pectoral fins, mouth, tail, and rear section of body.  Inside are two motors with gear reduction boxes to drive the movements.  The copper skin accent is made from reclaimed water pipes that were cut, hammered flat, then hammered over an anvil to create the curves needed for this sleek sportfish speedster! Push the button on the side of the base,and it lights up and starts the fish on a repeating cycle of on-off-on continuous movements.  The base was made from a single piece of reclaimed metal and the surface waves are all one piece, being a single sheet with multiple cuts in lines  strategically planned.  Then the "waves" are formed by hammering up or down on the individual waves.  Inside, you will find brass tubing from antique lighting, old copper pipe and tubing, a brass solder type antique fuse is located in the tail.  Anything I could get my hands on that would work with this piece, I put into it. There's washers and nuts from salvaged cars, pieces of steel from antique plant stands, chairs, and I even used some TIG welding rods inside. I located the timer circuit and switch wiring in the base, and ran the whole sculpture on low voltage dc power.   I learned a lot about the fastest fish in the sea creating this piece and I have a whole new respect for these amazing hunters!

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