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"Intensity" Eagle Sculpture


 Intensity was hand-made over a period of two years, by using reclaimed metal Navy shipyard salvage pipe from mid-century to create individual feathers.  These cut pieces were then sanded, hammered into the shape of each feather type, pinions, belly, all contour and remige feathers that make up the outer layers of the creature.  Even the raptor's powerful beak is created from antique iron pipe.  The base is created from antique iron and cuttings from reclaimed metal cylinders and other metal objects.  It took me months to hand-hammer each piece on an anvil, shaping them and texturing the surfaces before welding them into place one-by-one.  That makes every piece unique, there are no "cookie-cutter" pieces to this sculpture, no use of any patterns or computer-aided cutter or software.  This was made with sheer will over steel, massive patience, creativity, determination, skill, and fire.  How fitting such a primal creation process is for this powerful apex predator of nature.



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