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Missed this opportunity? Commission the artist to create something just for you! 

Sale Price  $8500


Great White Shark


Fathom, so named for his full 6-foot length, is joined by a lobster made from kitchen cutlery, a starfish made from old metal springs, an octopus made from a motorcycle rear tail light and iron wine rack pieces, and several pilot fish that seem to float in mid-air that were hand-hammered from flat stainless steel salvaged commercial  ice maker doors. 

   Fathom himself is made from old Willys Jeep salvaged fenders and hood cuttings.  The reclaimed antique metal parts were trimmed and hand formed over an anvil by hand, and welded in place one piece at a time over a period of nearly 3 months. Peaking inside, you will find vintage sewing machine parts, antique and reclaimed hardware, car, and motorcycle parts.  The sea floor below is made from a 1920's sawmill blade, an old coffee table, and covered with coral and rocks that are made from reclaimed electrical conduit and other hardware, then sealed with 2-part epoxy.  The aged patinas and rusted holes provoke the feeling of ancientness, and one wonders how many millennia this mechanical creature has lurked the seas in search of prey.


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