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Owl Automaton " Patience"


Patience, an eagle owl and mouse scene sculpture, was created entirely from reclaimed metal objects.

     Each feather was hand-crafted from salvaged metal warehouse shelving.  The face was created from reclaimed farm tractor PTO washers.

    The timid mouse below, hidden in the leaves and decayed tree trunk, is created from reclaimed pipes.   

     This wonderful creation was masterfully welded together piece-by-piece to create this stunning automata that features beautiful wing movements, a head that turns to scan for prey, and a hesitant mouse that subtly peeks from under his twig camouflage.

   This mechanism design, borrowed from mid 18th century automata creators, features mechanisms hidden in the body, in-between the feathers on the wings, and in the base.  As always, Vanderfield uses common every day objects and antiques to create the intricate mechanism parts, a feat of significant engineering within this artistic organic form.

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