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Owl Automaton "Luna Hunter"

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LUNA HUNTER is a 41 inch wingspan automaton owl that moves the wings and head as in taking flight.  The legs, wings, feathers, and tree leaves were created from butterknives, spoons, forks, and stainless steel serving dishes.  The body was created from a salvaged gas generator muffler, and the inner framework from reclaimed metal lawn furniture pieces.  The tree trunk and branches were created from old patina water pipes, and salvaged hardware pieces.  The tree textures were created carefully with welding wire, and the base is created from a salvaged automotive brake rotor.  A truly beautiful thing is that reclaiming metal with each creation contributes to keeping these beautiful real-life creatures in a clean and happy forest!  This one-of-a-kind automaton is now available to own, and will also be featured at the upcoming November 18th through 20th Renninger's Extravaganza Show in Mt. Dora, FL.

  Come see us if you are in the area, or if want to commission a work for yourself, we'll be happy to see you!


Don't miss your chance to own the upcoming Barn Owl automaton with only half the money down!!  Grab it before someone else does, Luna Hunter (above) flew away to a new home the first day of our show in Mount Dora, so this next automaton barn owl may go quickly as well.   Reserve it today with half of the final price down payment and the remaining balance due at completion. 

 Down payment only $2750

(total sale price is $5500+ FL sales tax)

Barn owl style

 of coming automaton with wing and head movement.

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