Automatons and Fine Metal Sculpture from Recycled Objects


Copyright 2021

 Valor- War Horse

  The depiction of fierce intensity, determination, fearlessness, courage, and beauty, this life size work is created 100% from salvaged steel, brass, and copper.



Copyright 2021


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Copyright 2021

Chronoequinology 2.0

  Industrial Mechanical Horse Sculpture of  Salvaged Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Brass.


Copyright 2021

Heart of Water

This beauty and her companion juvenile sea turtle can be seen greeting patrons in RiverGrille on the Tomoka in Ormond Beach


Copyright 2021

Antlanticus Impolitus Automaton

This 3 foot long moving menace from the deep, featuring stereo sound and electrical arcs was commissioned by a private collector in Maine.  Features many moving parts and ominous lighting.


Copyright 2021

American Bald Eagle

In honor of one of the greatest wildlife preservation stories in history, this 6 foot wingspan is an impressive tribute to the comeback of this majestic creature.


Copyright 2021

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Copyright 2021

Harley the Talking Automaton

Featuring smoke from his nostrils and mouth, moving and folding wings, moving tongue, mouth, and head, a built in microphone and Bluetooth stereo circuit, Harley can actually speak, roar, and take phone calls or perform other tasks, such as controlling Bluetooth integrated home lighting, play your favorite music, and have a conversation with by utilizing Sai app with responses from internet resources or with preprogrammed responses to specific voice commands.  Made from stainless steel chafing dish lids, Harley Davidson exhaust pipes, and many more salvaged parts, integrated with automation controls in the base.


A full fathom (6 feet) long, this amazing Great White with his companion three pilot fish, octopus, starfish, and lobster was created from old Chevy truck fender pieces and assorted antique sewing machine parts, among many other salvaged objects, including a 1940's saw mill blade!


Copyright 2021

The sculptures I create are carefully crafted over a period of many days, often becoming months, time spent tediously forming and hand-fitting each piece one at a time to contribute to the whole of the form.  Although I create static sculptures, my love is creating moving sculptures from found objects. 

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